Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Filthy Creations 5 !

Here's the cover and interior story art I did late last year for the Filthy Creations writers mag. It's a small press zine out soon i believe and I figured I'd help out. I was given a flash fiction piece that reminded me in flavour of the Twilight Zone episode. I didn't want it to be a straight period illo - but I was aiming for a retro feel. This is my style at it's most *animated* I guess. Recently I've been trying to claw back some realism into my stuff so it's interesting for me to look at these pieces with fresh eyes. I like the approach but there is a tendancy with stylistic cartooning to lose a spark of reality at times.

Clickety click!



  1. This looks fantastic-you've made me want to read the story and that is exactly as it should be.

  2. Reality's overrated-I luvs 'em,mate...;o)