Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Explosions! Action! Tough To Kill!!

As the post head says... I'm TOUGH TO KILL! Well, not just me, but my writing cohort Paul Cooke as well. It took almost 5 years to track down copies of all the films we were looking for, but after obscene postage bills, hundreds of hours of viewing and reviewing we put out the opus that a few people wanted. Well, six or so as far as we knew... Tough To Kill digs deep in to the world of Italian Action films made in the 1980s. Rambo clones! War films! Bizarre Cross Dressing Warriors!!
And yeah, I'm pretty proud of it... I've yet to read one bad review, much to my shock-even getting nice notes from big sites like Bookgasm with this super cool review from Louis Fowler.
I can't say I ever imagined co-writing a "seminal textbook" on a tiny genre...but I'll take it!

You can preview the book (oh, and buy it) here:


But this is the studio page and there is a tie-in. There always is, because I'm very very lucky to have lots of talented friends. Included in Tough To Kill is the April Fools Day joke that Paul wrote and I put together a wacky mini-poster for that actually lives on in forums with some people claiming to actually HAVE the movie! We also explain that it is not real and nudge those collectors of the obscure that "have" it just for fun. So, I wanted a faux viddy box of course-and who better for monsters and futuristic rebels than Vokes? Who better to design the BRONX CRACKDOWN?

Schedules got tight and I had to fudge it all in the end (and poorly at that), but I saw the design on the board over in the Vokes Studio once and it stuck in my head. Here they are! Check out the little video

Don't trade your pistol for a coffin amigos!
-David Z


  1. If we close our eyes real tight & wish really hard maybe this does actually exist :) . Particularly inspired using a VTC VHS Case as of course 2019: After The Fall Of New York was released by VTC in the UK. Along also with Endgame, two other Post Nuke classics. Big thumbs up to the sublime pimp of pencil Mr. Neil Vokes :) . Excellent stuff. Long may the legend of Bronx Crackdown live on. Paul

  2. Haha...hey there Sir Banzai! The Crackdown sequel has to happen some time soon ;) That 2019 VTC tape was actually the graphic used...this man knows his UK POST NUKE VHS.

    And did you read the very last line? heh...Slatervision!

  3. "...the sublime pimp of pencil,Mr. Neil Vokes"

    OK-that's going on my tombstone!