Friday, February 20, 2009


What-you may ask-is GOBSMAKT STUDIOS?

Good question.

What it primarily is is a place where a small group of friends-who are also writers and artists-can share the work that they do-alone and with each other-with you, the reader.

I'll give you a little history of how and why we put this blog together in the next entry-but first let me introduce you to the trio of bozos who came up with this idea (along with some of their work)

This jolly looking fellow is Neil Vokes-a veteran comic book artist whose long, sordid story is too...uhm...long and uhm...sordid to go into here-it's best you check out his own blog-here- for more.

The gent below is David Zuzelo-Eurotrash film enthusiast and Eagle fan supreme.

Davey-or Z as we call him-is a very good writer with several projects in the works (some involving his studio mates) but he also does a lot of the grunt work around here-it can't be because we pay him so we suspect that it's more likely he's insane.

Tomb It May Concern
is where you'll get a much better idea of the kind of mind behind this new venture of ours (be forewarned that some of the material found there is of a "mature" nature-so don't tell your parents about it)

Lastly-but not leastly- is Adrian Salmon - Ade lives "across the pond" -or as we here in the colonies refer to it, the home of the Beatles.

Ade has been a working pro for many years in the relatively small field of British comics (small maybe, but bursting with amazing talents) primarily on many Dr. Who related projects.

Until now he hasn't had a blog or website to share his fine work with the public (something to do with being too busy or some such nonsense) but that shall be rectified immediately!

In future posts all three lads (for now-there are a few potential fellows trying to join our exclusive club-but the dues are expensive) shall be sharing personal stories,artwork and projects both past and present and anything else they so choose.

We here at Gobsmakt have only one goal in mind: the complete and utter domination of the world...oh...wait...that's my daughter's Social Studies project...sorry...

The lads of Gobsmakt Studios just want you to have a good time and please send comments often.

Till next time,this is your humble host saying...

That's All,Vokes!
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