Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ELEGY / THE VOICE-update 3.3.09

Howdy Goblins!

This is a preview of the books ELEGY (working title) and THE VOICE that I'm working on with the infamous and prolific Robert Tinnell-filmmaker/teacher/writer/man about town and unofficial 4th member of the Studio (both projects Ade and I are doing are with Bob).

I've started showing art from ELEGY on my regular blog (under the working title THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY) and as Ade is doing a back up storyline in the 1st 6 ish arc (yes-this will be the 1st Tinnell/Vokes series!) it qualifies as a GOBSMAKT event!

I've redrawn the page-I'm happier with this version-hope you are too...;o)

I've left the original page below as a comparison...

I will be posting more art from this series (and sketches,layouts,etc) as i get around to finishing it.

I've also laid out the 1st ish of another project Bob and I are doing- he wrote the script (actually a screenplay) several years back and I'm finally getting around to drawing it.

It's called THE VOICE and will be a bit of a change for us-or at least the books Bob and I have done together-there are no classic monsters-tho it can be safely said there is a monstrous character in the story-it has a central supernatural element but I think that it's much more of a psychological horror.

This is probably the darkest story I've ever drawn (and that includes PARLIAMENT OF JUSTICE ) and yet I find the story that Bob wrote one of the finest and most compelling he's ever done.

Because I'm very excited about this book I can't wait to share a few page layouts with you-I'm not revealing any plot details just yet- I don't wish to spoil it for you.

Here's an advance peek...

I hope you enjoyed that little preview of what I feel may-MAY-just be our best work to date...

But that, kind Vokes folks, is down the line a little-for now ELEGY gets top billing.

That's All,Vokes!
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  1. Very nice...I remember discussing The Voice with Bob years ago and I'm looking forward to it coming out.

    I also remember that conversation including "Have you been talking to my wife?"

  2. Wow I love that stuff. Its amazing to see the roughs- very inspiring.

  3. Oh yes! Looking forward to both of them,
    and great layouts.
    As always t'riffic Neil

  4. You make it look so easy - so I assume a lot of work went it these:) Wonderful stuff.

  5. Thanks,gents- funny that you say it's "easy"-sometimes the layouts are the hardest step for me-not the drawing so much as the storytelling-that to me is the key of the book-if the storytelling is right the rest falls into place-and sometimes-with scripts like Bob's-it is really "easy"- at least the imagery comes to me quickly-in this case i did about 6 pages almost two years ago,when i was going to draw the VOICE script-then i just stopped for reasons too complicated to explain-suffice to say we call it a "block"-and i went on to other stuff-then a few weeks ago i was working on the layouts to ELEGY and i picked up the VOICE script again,and then the layouts-and BANG-it hit me-the dam burst and i laid out 16 pages in a few hours-that's the way these things work sometimes-it remains to be seen if i have to go thru the same process every ish of THE VOICE-if so i may finish it by...2020?

    Let's hope not-lol