Friday, February 20, 2009

GOBSMAKT: How we came to be...

As promised last time, I'd like to share a little backstory with you gentle readers about Gobsmakt.

It all started with a chat my Brit brootha Adrian Salmon and I had a couple days ago about the classic book THE STUDIO.

A beautiful tome that showcased the art of four famous artists and their legendary studio-Bernie Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor Smith and Jeff Jones had what might be called a super group (after rock band terminology) and they produced some of the best work of their collective lives while sharing that space (which is not to say that they haven't been creating more beautiful work since then)

So there we were commiserating over the thought of a studio where WE two could share with each other the natural camaraderie of like minded artists-or at least watch lots of dvds while we procrastinated -since we've already worked on related projects and have plans for more it would be ideal- but an impossibility at this stage since i live in Jersey USA and Ade is in merry ol Eng-a-land.

But wait,said Ade-in this age of the internet bringing us all closer together,we could do an online studio!


OK-maybe not genius but a jolly good idea since a large ocean separates us.

So we let Davey Zuzelo-Z-the Blog King- know about the idea and invited him to join us-Z also has projects that he is doing-or has done- with both Ade and myself-and besides he has a crazed energy when it comes to creative undertakings like this-an energy that Ade and I-two aging artists-have a little less of nowadays (but don't order the walkers just yet!)

We decided to "build" a place we could all post art, stories, etc that we're working on together and separately- each of us will be posting here so you'll get a much different feel than say in my or Z's blogs.

This is-first and foremost-a collective blog-the combined personalities of Ade, Z and myself- perhaps frightening in the outside world-will,we hope, create a synergy similar (tho impossible to replicate) to what those four legendary artists of yesteryear did.

At the very worst, this keeps us off the streets...

That's All,Vokes


  1. Nice blog. Love the artwork! :)

  2. Look forward to seeing even more work from you Neil. And at last, a place to see more of Adrian's beautiful artwork.

  3. I'd like to briefly comment on The Studio if I may. I was a fledgling art student when the book first came out. I recall picking it up one lunchtime but not showing it to the tutors. This was back when comics and fantasy art was frowned upon as not proper art at colleges. Looking back I can see the argument that first you must learn to record before letting your imagination roam - but back then I just wanted to be a rebel like these guys!

    The fact the book teamed Wrightson with BWS , Jeff Jones and Kaluta blew my mind. These guys had the front to go do their own thing and that's what I still love about the book.I remember in the fan press arguments that these guys were making bucks off fans for essentially fancy comic panels - I never got quite convinced of that. Just take a look at BWS' incredible drawings - certainly didn't look like any comic I'd read - though in hindsight the glimmerings were there in CONAN.

    Maybe they were right - but who cares? I'm thrilled to be a part of this Studio.:-)

    Clickety click!