Thursday, June 3, 2010

Snow Ninjas...The Rejected Script

The GOBSMAKT! is now you have seen that both Ade and Neil have fantastic blogs (click 'em, you need them), so I thought I'd post something fun.
Years ago I was looking high and low for a job and saw a listing for submissions for a book called SNOW NINJAS. No outline, but I got the impression the publisher wanted something sort of serious-but I couldn't quite figure out how to keep that title and apply much Sturm und drang to it.  So, I did a little homage to the kung fu films I love, dunked in a snowglobe. With Ninjas.  And the 18 Bronzemen.  And...well, some dialogue that makes me chuckle.
There was one other twist. The publisher said he needed it ASAP. Like, within the day.  I can do that right? It might not be perfect, but it was written in two hours and I had a blast with it.  Thanks to my finally unpacking an ancient hard drive from my last move, I have it to read again.
I got back that it wasn't what they were looking for, but it was fun to write and some of the ideas really make me smile.  The book was eventually published, and it looks a bit more G.I. Joe than I could have written it.  But I think I'm going to have to buy a copy via Comixpress to check it out!  I mean, it has only been almost 5 years...

Here are some ninjas. In the snow. Fighting. The way I would write it.